Ever find yourself playing with someone and after 4 holes can’t stand them?  If you haven’t, trust me you will at some point.  People are unique in their traits and especially on the golf course.  Here are some factors to consider for yourself to prevent someone not liking to play with you:

Be on-time – nothing is worse, then rushing to the first tee or be brought out to the second hole and they have already been playing. YES, it disrupts the others!  If you are constantly late or rushing, you may find yourself not being asked to play………..

Be kind – no matter what is happening with your game or someone in your group, you must be kind.  They may struggle or have a bad round.  You must still have manners to help the others in your group.

Be timely – pay attention to how long you are playing each hole.  If after 4 holes you are over an hour (with nobody in front of you) then you are definitely slower than a good pace.  Good rule of thumb for a foursome of players is 2 hours for 9 holes and 2 hours for the back 9.  If you find you and your group cannot play in that timeframe you should play at NON-PEAK times of the day so you do not disrupt the rest of the golfers behind you.

Be HELPFUL to all who are playing with you – pick up the flag, help rake the bunkers if your partner OR opponent is struggling and always compliment your group.

Be a considerate driver/rider – if you are the cart driver,  you are responsible for getting the rider to his/her ball.  If you are the rider, let the driver know (being kind) which side of the fairway your ball is on so he/she doesn’t have to ask every time.  This could be averted if all players watch each others ball when hitting each shot.

Be honest – nobody likes a cheater!  If you had an 8, you had an 8!  If you post scores that are not correct, you will get caught!  Play your game and you will be respected!  Try and shave strokes OR only post your bad scores will catch up to you one day!

Know the rules of golf– This is not up to someone else, the more you know the better!  How to take a drop, know what the red, yellow and white stakes mean.  Know the basics and you will be better off!

hole 4


Rear View

Are you constantly looking in the rear view mirror to see what is behind you?  Try looking forward instead of back!  Golf is a hard game, looking forward could help you play much better.  Worrying about what the group in back of you is doing or the group in front of you is doing will only frustrate you.

Plan and execute!  What is the next shot coming up?  Start thinking so you are prepared when you arrive at your golf ball.  This will save time and energy for the shot you are about to make.

Smart thinking can help your shot.  If you are worried the group behind you, the focus is on THEM and not what you are doing.  If you are keeping up with the group in front of you, should you worry??  NO!!!

How do I hit that shot?

I often get asked how to hit an odd shot while playing golf.  For example:  A ball is laying on a thick tree branch that is not on the ground, or a ball is buried in the sand.

ONE, you must have confidence in any shot you make on the course.  If you ask for an opinion, you are going to get the opinion of the person you are asking.  Their opinion might not fit your vision or skill level.

If you believe in the opinion and trust your swing, good things can happen.  

If you don’t believe in the opinion, do not try the shot.  That is just a poor excuse when you end up with a large number on that hole.  

TWO, before trying the shot examine all your potential “outs”.  Your best option for your skill level might be to the side or backwards.  Play the odds that benefit YOUR GAME!


Suggestions or opinions are just that.  Trust YOUR SKILL LEVEL and visualize a shot that you can trust hitting.


Rules, rules and more rules!

How much of the “rules of golf” should you know?  AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!  If you know the rules, you will be less apt to get frustrated or upset when a situation arrises.  KNOWING the rules protects you from a possible DQ or penalty that you may not be aware of.  KNOWING the rules will keep you calmer when a situation does arrise on the course.  If you have to rely on your opponent to know the rules, you are not protecting yourself.  What if they don’t know and it ends up, you BOTH are disqualified?  Have I made my point?  You are playing a game that will never be mastered and so difficult to understand.  BUT, rules are there for protecting everyone who plays.  In this game, rules are not made to be broken, just understand them so you don’t find yourself losing a tournament due to lack of knowledge.

Keep a rules book handy in your home, refer to them every once in a while and make yourself aware of common occurrences that WILL come about on the course.  New rules are coming out on January 1st – make sure you have your rules book today!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR 2016 RULES OF GOLF BOOK!

  • How and when to take a drop
  • How to take an unplayable lie and how many strokes it takes (1)
  • What happens when the ball hits yourself after a stroke (ohhhh it will happen)
  • What is free relief and how to take it
  • Do I get relief from an alligator?
  • What happens when you don’t know the rule?  Don’t ever let this happen to YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

rules of golf logo

See you on the course!



Expectation – A strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

Having a strong belief puts pressure that you “should” perform.  Have you practiced & trained  well enough for that performance?  Performing this skill called golf is much more difficult than most people realize.

What kind of expectations should you have when playing a round of golf?  NONE!  That is saved for the golfers who do this for a living.  They are training each day on the mental and physical side for their shot at being one of the great ones.

Going golfing is a fun activity that takes a bit more than 4 hours out of your day.  That is just the golf game.  When you are driving to the course, are you thinking about playing or do you show up and head to the tee box?  Mentally, you will not be present until probably the 4th hole.  When you go play golf, be ready!  Get to the course in plenty of time to warm up, think what you are there to do and enjoy your round.


Wow have times changed in the last 4-5 months. Thankfully golf has been a constant! “GOLF IS ESSENTIAL”

However the way we golf is now changed a lot! Single riders in the golf carts at most facilities, I can’t arrive too early or hang around my cart area, no rakes in the bunkers and we must be responsible people and bring our own drinking cups. That is a lot of negatives! But if you think of it as negative then how fun is your golf round going to be?

These are all positives people!!!!! You are safe in your own golf cart, I don’t have to hear all the complaints of the other 3 in my group (because I can’t hang at my cart), I can listen to my OWN music and playlist in my cart, I don’t have to rake up all the footprints of other people that never knew what a rake was in the first place and I can bring my awesome Yeti cup and use it instead of ruining the environment by using styrofoam…..

Whoooohoooo!!!! WINNING!

Before arriving at a facility know what to expect prior to arriving. CALL to see their restrictions! Nothing is worse then getting off on the wrong foot before you tee off on the first hole. YOU are responsible to know prior to arrival! Remember, life is not what it used to be!


Ask yourself this question

“How many times have I been beyond the pin with a good solid shot to the green”

Your answer should be every time! Too many days I see golfers of all handicap levels not play enough club. This is a very simple fix! Play more club until you constantly are going beyond the pin.

Think of it this way – you have ZERO percent chance of making the shot if you are short of your approach shot or putt!

What to expect during spring golf!

Lighter later!  Now that the time has changed there is no excuse! 

Most snowbirds start going home this time of year to be with family over Easter. The courses start to slow down so it’s time for those working to play an afternoon round and possibly get 18 holes in.

If you are just learning this time of year is great as you can go out later and not worry too much about people crawling up your back when trying to learn this crazy game.

Unpredictable weather!  It may be getting warmer, but springtime weather change so quickly. For the northerners, snow, sleet and freezing rain has been known to ruin a day on the links. Down south the thunderstorms can be quite a light show, but nothing to play around with. 

Wet conditions!  No ROLL!  Spring means wet weather is upon us. Your winter roll turns into spring YUCK.

The grass will be growing faster, green grass means tougher conditions out of the rough.

Just know you may want to keep the ball more in the short grass (Fairway) so you do get better lies. Hitting the ball into the rough all day makes for a very long golf round.

Leagues will start up! Join one to meet some new friends. Leagues can be 9 or 18 holes and play most of the summer on a consistent schedule. 

Leagues are a great way to have an excuse to play more golf. It’s usually on the same day and time so you can manage your schedule a bit better with consistency.

Demo Days! Look for the demo days in your area. No time like the present to find your next new set of golf clubs.

Re-Grip your Clubs! If you are not in the market for new clubs, think about changing your grips. You should be changing your grips every year, if not every 6-8 months if you are a player who likes to practice a lot.

Summer Golf in Florida

Summer golf in Florida is always fun because there are so many opportunities to play other courses.  Do you play other courses during your summer in Florida?  If not, you should!  Hidden gems are out there for you to experience.

Home courses must do maintenance for it to keep its great shape during the crazy season.  Aerification, verticutting and general must need maintenance is being done on a daily basis.  These practices will allow your home course to thrive during the busy seasonal rush that comes in January.

So get out there and experience other places, so you can appreciate coming home to play!

Keep it in the short grass & make more putts!


Old Cork Screw Golf Course


Is it ok to……..?

is it ok

Is it ok to hit into another group that is playing in front of you?

ABSOLUTELY, NOT OK!  There is not a reason in the world you can give me to think anyone has a right to hit a golf ball (that could potentially kill someone) at or in the vicinity of another person(s).  Let staff know that the group in front is a little slow and let it GO!  Pay attention to what you are doing instead of what “they” are doing.  If you are concentrating on what “THEY” are doing, then you are not concentrating on what you are supposed to be doing.

If you mistakenly hit a wayward shot, apologize and give yourself a bit more room next time before hitting another wayward shot.

Is it ok to call your opponent on a rules infraction?

ABSOLUTELY, OK!  In fact, you are not following the rules and etiquette of golf if you don’t call them on the infraction.  Protecting the field is important in this game.  You may find that your opponent doesn’t KNOW the rule.  There are plenty of “nice” ways of alerting your opponent that they have a two stroke penalty.

Is it ok to assume that the shorts or skort you bought that seems a bit short are OK for the golf course?

ABSOLUTELY, NOT OK!  Rules and regulations of courses are pretty standard when it comes to dress code.  There are “some” courses that don’t really care about what you wear to the course.  BUT, there are courses that must follow strict rules about dress code.  If you are playing golf, you should look at your attire in the mirror before heading to the course.  If you think it’s “IFFY”, it probably is.




Sign you need a tune-up lesson or clinic

What should your pace of play be on the course?


Do you know your potential for making a golf shot?

Do you know how to hit a hook or a slice?  Or do you “think” you know how to hit a hook or a slice!

Can you hit 10 of 10 4 foot putts?

Do you know how to keep the ball low with a PW?  Should you even try to keep it low with a PW or use a 5 iron?

I could keep asking these questions or get right to the point.  PLAY TO YOUR POTENTIAL!  Is it a good idea for you to try and hit a 3 wood 250 yards over a hazard to a guarded green?  NO, but I see it every SINGLE DAY!  What is that going to look like (9 out of 10 times) on your scorecard?  A big S-N-O-W-M-A-N or worse!  The play should be pitching it up to the flat spot where you have a better shot into the green.  This will be a 5 or a 6 on your scorecard vs. an 8+.

Know what you can and CANNOT do with your clubs.  You CAN hit a bunker shot with a 60 degree wedge.  You shouldn’t try and hit it 150 yards.  This isn’t a club that is made for distance, it’s made for high lofted golf shots.

Visually, a golf hole can be very scary to play.  Look for areas that are wide open and play the hole with smarts vs. doubts.  You will find your scores at the end will be much lower playing smart!

What does this hole look like to you? Most people see water, however I see the 150 marker in the middle of the fairway. Your eyes see all the negative, you need to think and look for all the positives. We all see things differently, however do you think the people playing on the PGA / LPGA Tour see water? NO, they see a huge fairway and that is their focus.

Old Cork Screw Golf Course